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Travis Barker

He is the next hottest guy in blink182 (but not as hot as Tom!)

Travis Barker


Travis wan born on November 12, 1975 and grew up in Fontana, California. He started playing drums at 3, but didn’t get serious until about 12 and had the same drum kit until about 15. Travis joined the band after the sudden departure of Scott Raynor, just before the “Enema Of The State” record. (although the “Mutt” song was played by Scott on Enema.) Travis played in a band called “Feeble” before going to the “Aquabats” then finally on to “Blink”. His nickname with the Aquabats was ‘Travis Baron Von Tito’. His nickname with Blink is ‘Fuck Boy”…I guess that’s the risk you take when joining a punk band!! He has got around 40-50 tatoos including a giant Boombox on his stomach and he has the most piercings in the band. His tattooes were all done by John Sanchez for around $7000. He tried taking up Tattoo drawing because he got bored in high school and he is a huge fan of muscle cars and has a number of Catalacs. He runs a website, and owns a store, ‘Famous Stars and Straps” which sells skateboards, clothes, pictures and heaps of other stuff.



Name: Travis Landon Barker
Stage Name: Travis
Nickname: "Fuck Boy"
Occupation: Drummer in Blink 182
Birth Date: 14 November 1972
Marital Status: Married
Resides: Riverside, California, home of the Galleria at Tyler
Pets: Tim, a member of the Inland Empire Underwear Police
Favourite Band: The Police / Old Dirty Bastard / Descendents
Favourite Movie: True Romance

             Travis Quotes

   "I'd rather date a girl who hates our band."

   "The hardest part for me was that I wasn't too familiar with their first album. So it was challenging, but fun. Filling in on thoes shows qas definitely fun. I had a good time." [Talking about when he only had forty-five minutes to learn the songs.]

   "I had been a fan of blink-182 for a few years. I thought Mark and Tom were superfunny. When they asked me to join there band, I was excited. It was an opportunity. Being asked to play in the band, it was good."

   "When we went platinum, it was hard to believe, of course, but I don't know. I really felt like we desrved it. I was very happy."

   "I don't really dance, and they made me do some pretty idiotic things in that vedio [All the Small Things]. I'm kinda shy when it comes to suff like that, so it was kinda hard for me. But looking back on it, I love the video."

   "I'm happing with how things are going in the band. I really tike that the band is getting into more music, more then just what we were listening to fuw years ago. I want to see the band keep growing that way. I like that."



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