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Mark Hoppus

He is the third hottest guy in the band ( but he is still so hot )

Mark Hoppus


Mark was born on March 15, 1972. He attended Burroughs High School in Ridgecrest, California. Mark’s father’s name is Tex and his mother is Connie. He also has a younger sister Anne, who once was dating Tom but now is with Damon from Fenix TX. He is the bassist and other vocalist of Blink 182 and frequently appears naked on stage. He was nude at MTV’s Castaway Countdown, during the band’s performance of “What’s My Age Again?” and again at KROQ’s 1999 Weenie Roast. As if this wasn’t enough he took an inflatable sheep on stage at a show in Boston and shoved a drumstick up his ass and threw it into the crowd – nice guy giving away free shit like that (lol…that was funny hey…) He has also said he hates playing shows in Europe…so why the fuck don’t you come and play more in Oz then? He is an awesome song writer; He wrote Dammit in 5 minutes about a break up that never happened, “Going Away To College” on Valentine’s Day after watching the movie Can’t Hardly Wait and Adam’s song was inspired by a magazine article about a boy who commited suicide. He is the only member of Blink 182 that doesn’t have a tattoo and hates the taste of beer. He has an ear-ring in his right nipple and another in his left ear. He is married to Skye Everly who works at MTV doing various jobs (you can hear him say her name in “What’s my age Again?” on the “Mark, Tom and Travis Show” Album). At every Blink concert, he writes a message on his speaker with white duct tape. Anything from Hi Mum, to “I have no idea where I am.” Once he even wrote a message to Sky after they had been fighting over who loved the other more…he wrote “I Love you More.” Mark’s hero of all time is Homer J Simpson and his favourtie movie is “Caddyshack.” His favourite bands are “Jimmy Eat World” “Riverfenix” and “Get Up Kids” and his nickname is “Fish Guts.”



Name: Markus Allan Hoppus
Stage Name: Mark
Nickname: "Fish Guts"
Occupation: Vocalist/Bassist in Blink 182
Birth Date: 15 March 1972
Marital Status: Married to Skye Everly
Resides: Carmel Mountain Ranch, California
Pets: Beagle named Ahi
Favourite Band: Jimmy Eat World / Riverfenix / Get Up Kids
Favourite Movie:


Mark Quotes  

   " We [Tom] had the same thoughts about songs, wrote songs about the same stuff, wanted songs to sound the same way. It was like somehow we were supposed to find each other and write music. Even today we'll get together and I'll show Tom something I've been working on, and he'll be like, dude, that sounds exactly like somethingI've been working on."

"My girlfriend and I were living in this really crappy basement apartment. We had barely enough money to pay rent. I had money in savings, and I went out and bought equipment. I bought a new amp and a new bass cabinet. Was so stoked because it was the first professinal equipment I ever had. But all I remember is coming home and having her just yell at me. She was pissed that I had spent money on something we didn't need. I just kept telling her that this was what mattered to me, this was my life. But she said, no, you have to choose. Me or the band. And she lost."

   "Tom was just hyper. He always has been. He just wouldn't sit still, especilly when it came to the band. In the beginning, it was always Tom who was pushing us."

   "We were a brand new band, really. And we were kids still. We had all dreamed of being in a band, and there we were actually doing it. Everything back then felt huge. We didn't care if we played to ten people or one hundred or whatever. We were just having so much fun doing it all. Maybe that helped, maybe just doing it for the fuck of it was the way to do things, because everything just kept going up."

   "The songs were defintely what mattered. It was the only goal we ever really set for ourselves as a band. To write great songs. We might not play every show perfectly, we might not hit every note right, we might not have the best performance, but we had good songs."

   "We were immature punk kids in a band, and now, here we were in an office with riging phones and actual desks with people who sat behind them and did notihng but work on music all day."

   "We were so excited [about getting a record deal], I don't even think any of us read the contract. Theyt handed it to us, and it was like, 'Cool. We'll take it.' I know we didn't have a lawyer or anyone to look over it. We were too stoked to think about anything but signing before someone got smart and took it away."

"We really wanted to make a good record. We were working ten- to twelve- hours straight, hardly even breaking for food or anything. And the people that were there helping us were awesome."

"We recorded Chesire Cat and it's a cool album. I think the songs on that album are great. I would love if the recording were better, but at the time we didn't have any money to get more time or to do anything different. We couldn't afford it. We just wanted to get a CD out. And thats what it to get it out." 

"Tom definitely deserves as Oscar for his work in Idle Hands. The way he nods his head and says,'Alright'- I believed it! It was pure genius."

"When we sold out the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles, I walked off stage and just sat there. I couldn't believe my band had done that. I was completely overwhelmed, and all amotional and shit, the kids laugh. We don't have a bigger message then that."

"Every single night you forget how big and arena really is. Then you walk out on stage and you see all these kids, and it's like Holy Shit. It's awesome."

"All the Small Things' gave me a dance moves. Actually, what I remember most  about the ATST video shoot was meeting the girl who is now my wife on the set."

"Enema was the very first time I listened to one of our albums all the way through and said, that's exactly that way I want it to sound."

"You know what it is? Alot of these people are just now jumping on the we hate Tom band waggon. I've been hating Tom since like 1995, I'm oldschool hatin Tom!"

"I have no idea why people like our band. Maybe bad taste is in."

"I came from punk rock, but who knows if I'm punk."

"I don't like wine. I like mixed drinks. I don't even like beer... Beer is for men, cocktails are for gentlemen."

"Were not stars.... were all just dorks in a band"

"we're just regular stupid people"

"If you guys are anything like me, you like to walk around in your mothers underwear trying to seduce your father. What, Just Me?"

"if i were a girl, every time i went to the gynochologist, id fake an orgasm"

"Yeah, Tom puts the mate in bandmate."

On his bandmate Tom: "We're like one mind in two bodies."

"You only get a few years to act like an immature bastard and have a good time and get paid a ridiculous amount of money for it."


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