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Tom DeLonge

He is the hottest person in the world!

Tom Delonge


Tom was born on December 13, 1975, in Poway, California. He attended Poway High School in California but was expelled for attending a basketball drunk (but he NEVER smoked). He was voted homecoming king by his friends to piss off the school teachers who hated him. After school, he worked at a place called Gary’s Chicken and Ribbs in Poway and even appears in the movie “Idle Hands” as a fast-food employee, but he only has one line. He has a sister, Kari and a brother, Shon. His mum’s name is Connie and she works as a real estate agent. His Dad’s name is Tom and he is a company executive. Tom formed the band in 1992 (he was 17) and they called it Blink, simply because he likes short verbs. He is the guitarist and one of the vocalists in the group and his band nickname is “Hot Pants.” He has 8 tattos and a lip and ear piercing. He married his long time girlfriend Jennifer Jenkins in May of 2001. Pictures Of Jen. She got really mad when she heard the lyrics “I want a girl that I can train…” from Dumpweed.



Name: Thomas Matthew Delonge
Stage Name: Tom
Nickname: "Hot Pants"
Occupation: Vocalist/Guitar Player in Blink 182
Birth Date: 13 December 1975
Marital Status: Married to Jennifer Jenkins
Resides: Encinitas, California
Pets: German Shepard named Grey
Favourite Band: Menudo/ Descendents
Favourite CD:

Propaghandi – “Less Talk, More Rock"  

Favourite Movie:

Karate Kid and Die Hard Trilogy or anything with Mel Gibson naked

                                Tom Quotes

   "Most people like me; they find me attractive. They also find me absolutely amazing in bed."

   "You know, what I remeber most about being kicked out of Poway High was that it was the beginning of the second semester, We have just started our new classes, and me and my friend had decided to take aerobics for our P.E., 'cause it would be us and like sixty girls in tight clothes junping around. Then, I got kicked out, so my friend got really pissed. He was like, 'Dude, you asshole, this shit is hard!' And he had to be in there all by himself."

   "Being kicked out of school was ba, but it was also the best thing in my life. Because none of us would be here today. Blink182 is one million percent around today is because I got kicked out of school."

   "Instantly, I felt like we [Mark] had the exact same music style; he just had it on a different insterment then me."

   "Naked Skydiving."- How the band met, according to Tom

   "I wanted to play all the time. I would be at work, but I'd be on the phone calling people. I used to put up fliers at school just saying,'Hey, we're a band.' I sent out a million tapes. God, I just love to have shows."


   "The hardest part was teaching Mark to sing like a man. He wanted everything to sound like a Barbra Streisand song."

   "We were the kids playing to, you know. I mean, we were going to school, trying to get girls, goffing around. It's what we sang about and what we did, and it's what the kids in the audience were doing. I think that's why people liked us. They knew us."

   "I think it's really big that we are the band that kids can relate to. We write about stuff that every kid knows. But it was almost as important to make people laugh. At the end of Buddha we spent more time getting our joke songs right then the other songs. Songs about my mom being a transvestite and having sex with our families or whatever. But we still got the other songs done."

   "In southern California, mom jokes are always the worst thing to do with your friend. You go,'I fucked your mom last night,' so we've just taken it to a different level. We say,'We fucked our own moms,' it's mom jokes hara-kiri. You do it to yourself. It's a sacrifice you make for a laugh."

   "The thing that I remember most about recording Cheshire Cat was one of the engineers. His name was Steve, not from Ten Foot Pole, a different Steve. When he ate, he ate on the floor oh his hands and knees wiht his butt in the air. It was really weird."

"I wanted the M&Ms video to be fifty guys lined up, and have us shooting at their nuts. Just a whole video of slo-mo close-ups of these guys' nuts exploding. But I guess that was too expensive."

   "Loserkids, our first arena tour, was my favorite tour by far. It was amazing, because it was the first time we'd ever done anything that big. I felt like a success story. I t was awasome."

   "The video for 'All the Small Things' is awesome. Most importantly, we had a chance to laugh at other bands instead of being the band being laughed at. Though I guess, technically, people are still laughing at us...I don't know. Shit."

   "You know, when we were filming the video for 'What's My Age Again?' the whole naked thing was only funny for like ten minutes. Then, was the guy standing naked on the side of the street in Los Angeles with cars driving by giving me the finger and shit. It's funny watching the video now, but at the time, it stopped being funny ten minutes in, and it definitely wasn't funny three days into it."

   "When it was done [Enema of the State], we were so stoked. It was likea masterpiece for our band. Whether or not people liked it, we liked it. We felt like Mozart; of course we realized later we were more like Liberace."

   "As far as music goes, Travis fit in instantaneously. Peronality wise, it took a little longer. He wasn't used to us, and we weren't used to him. It's different to have a new person in your band, it canges things. It just took a while for us to understand each other. You know, all of a sudden we hadthis new person in the band, and for him, all the sudden he was in this new band. We tried to make him feel at home, but in reality, we were all stangers. But we've never had any gnarly arguments or vibes or anything. And now, tihngs are so much better. It's good."

   "I'm not sure what that says about me as a songwriter [That Travis learned the songs in forty-five minutes]. Either I write really easy songs, or he's a really talented drummer. I prefer to believe that latter."

   "SnoCore was the worst tour ever. It was cold and the shows weren't that good. Everything was too expensive for the kids, and it really wasen't our crowd. And there was terrible band drama. It was pretty shitty."

   "I came up with a little formula... if you write songs about girls you get girls at the show. we write a lot of songs about girls"

   "All the selling out talk is really overrated, the funny thing is it hardly ever comes from bands, it comes from some kid who thinks they're so punk because they have a purple mohawk."

   "I wasn’t very popular in high school cause the whole three testicle thing wasn’t very in"

   "We pull off looking stupid very well. We can do that without even trying."

   "We were bored and we couldn't get chicks. So we decided if we'd be in a band, that would take care of two problems at once."

   "Does anybody think it's wierd to shit there pants in their sleep? Not that I do, but I did it last night and I'm wondering if that's what smells."

   "There's too many rad things to stick in your butt besides a living animal."

   "We write about relationships, and just growing up though high school, that kind of stuff."

   "I call everyone stinky butt."

   "Some people think we're idiots or perverts. Don't argue people, we are both"

   "Please don't throw your dirty toilet paper, I'm not hungry."

   "The only reason in the world that I bought a computer was to look up UFO sites."

   "Success is strange."

   "And we don't stay up all night driving, now we stay up all night drinking."

   "I've masturbated like 5 times in the last 24 hours... it hurts... it's going to fall off"

   "hey what if testicals were things you could lose on an everyday basis? that would suck... you only got three."

   "I'm sitting here with my bandmates, who are looking especially
fine and handsome tonight."

   "I have always believed in having strong, passionate physical relationships in the band. It makes things a little
weird and awkward sometimes, but it's worth it."

"Girls take hearts and eat them"

   "I just wanna see a UFO, really."


Tom M. DeLonge

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