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Blink 182

Blink 182 is the best band in the whole world!! I went to one of their shows with Taking Back Sunday and Cypress Hill

Blink 182 biography

Based in San Diego, California, USA, Blink-182's highly melodic and entertaining thrash rock achieved mainstream success in the late 90s. The band were originally formed by Mark Hoppus (b. 15 March 1972, USA; bass/vocals), who had moved to San Diego to study, and Tom DeLonge (b. 13 December 1975, USA; guitar/vocals). Hoppus and DeLonge were joined by drummer Scott Raynor, and began a non-stop gigging schedule on the local punk circuit. The self-released Fly Swatter EP appeared in 1993, and was followed by the cassette only "Buddha" demo, released by Filter Records in a run of less than a 1,000 (the material was re-issued in a slightly different format three years later by Kung Fu Records). Several of the songs from the demo tape subsequently appeared on the band's full-length debut, Cheshire Cat, which was released by the Grilled Cheese label in 1994. Shortly afterwards the trio were forced to adopt the new moniker Blink-182 following the threat of legal action by an Irish techno outfit already recording as Blink. Despite the enforced name change, the trio's popularity continued to grow owing to support slots with several leading punk bands including No FX and Pennywise, and their ubiquitous presence on the skating and snow boarding scenes. They also developed a reputation for stripping off during live shows. A steady flow of singles and EPs confirmed both the trio's penchant for gloriously immature scatological lyrics, and their ability to craft great tunes. Their commercial breakthrough arrived with 1997's Dude Ranch. The album included the endearing hit "Dammit (Growing Up)", which enjoyed constant radio play alongside material by other hardcore bands, including the Offspring, Green Day and Smash Mouth. Following the release of Dude Ranch, founding member Raynor was replaced by Travis Barker (b. 14 November 1975, USA). Barker appeared on the band's major label debut, Enema Of The State, which debuted in the US Top 10 in June 1999 and went on to sell over a million copies in barely two months. The album was helped by two highly catchy hits, "What's My Name Again?" and "All The Small Things".
"182 has no significance,We just pulled it out of our ass."-Mark
                          Blink182 Quotes
"...take care of your colon, and your colon will take care of you."

Blink 182 Random Facts

- Travis was once a trashman in Laguna Beach.

- Mark's father's name is Tex, his mother's name is Carrie, and his younger sister is Anne.
- Tom's mother's name is Connie.
- Tom chose the name [Blink] simply because he likes short verbs
Other names considered for Enema of the State were: Turn your head and cough, Viking Wizard Eyes and blink 182: Electric Boogaloo
Adam's song was inspired by a magazine article about a teenager who committed suicide.
- Used to call themselves "Sexual Monkey" as a joke.

- Blink appears in the movie, American Pie.

- Their album, Dude Ranch, is certified gold in both the U.S. and Canada, and is certified platinum in Australia.
- Enema of the State, is certified gold in the U.S.

- Enema of the State' has sold over 1,000,000 copies.
The band's favorite movies are: Fletch, Three amigos, and Vacation.
Now, the band runs their own on-line retail skate shop called Loser Kids. The store has music, clothing, and boarding/skating items.
- Tom uses his right hand to paint his nails on his left hand.
Tom worked at a place called Gary's Chicken and Ribbs in his home town Poway, California.
Tom has a big obsession with Aliens, claiming the only reason he got a computer was to look up UFO sites. His big belief in Aliens also formed the song, Aliens Exist.
Tom formed Blink
Tom, grewing up in Poway, California.
 Tom's mom, Connie, is now a real estate agent.
 Tom's dad, Tom, is a energy company executive.
 Tom has a sister, Kari, and brother, Shon.
Tom once got expelled for a year for drinking alcohol.
Tom has 8 tattoos.
Tom works out every day on tour.
Tom Doesn't smoke.
- Tom's favorite CD of all time is Less Talk, More Rock by Propaghandi. 
Tom appears in the movie Idle Hands as a fast food employee, who wears a sombrero. He only has one line.
The very first album Tom ever bought was a DI album.
Tom attended Poway High school in California.
- Tom was voted homecoming king by his friends to piss of administrators because they all hated him.

Tom's wife, Jennifer got mad about the line from Dumpweed, "I need a girl that I can train..."
[Tom's]Favorite movies are: Karate Kid, Back To The Future Trilogy, Die hard Trilogy, and Braveheart Last Of The Mohicans.
Mark wrote "Going away to college" on Valentine's Day after watching can't hardly wait.
Mark has his nipple pierced.
- Mark's hero of all time is none other than Homer J. Simpson.

- Mark appeared on-stage nude, at MTV's Castaway Countdown, during the band's performance of What's My Age Again?
Mark hates playing any tour dates in Europe
Mark appeared on-stage nude, again, at KROQ's 1999 Weenie Roast.
Mark actually hates the taste of beer, no lie.
Mark, at a show in Boston, he took an inflatable sheep, shoved a drum stick up it's ass, and tossed it into the crowd.
Mark thinks Disney Movies kick ass!
Mark attended Burroughs High School in Ridgecrest, California.
Mark wrote Dammit in just 5 minutes, about a break-up that never actually happened.
Mark owns a pet beagle, named Ahi.
Travis is a former member of the Aquabats.
Travis' Stage name for the Aquabas was "Travis Baron von Tito."
Travis has 40 - 50 tattoos on his body, including a giant boom box on his stomach.
Travis is really big collector of muscle cars
Travis also played in a band called Feeble.
Travis loves leopard prints he has a cowboy hat to prove it.
- Travis grew up in Fontana, California, which is located in San Bernadino county.  
Travis tried taking up Tatoo drawing because he got board in high school.
- Travis' favorite cereal is Lucky Charms.


Song Meanings


Feeling This by Mark
Feeling this deals about sex, both sides of sex. The passion of the moment when you feel completely lost, and the chorus is more on the romantic side of sex. It is about sex's duality.

Obvious by Mark
Obvious... Tom wrote that one, I don't really know what it deals about. It is, I think, of the exact moment when you realize a relationship with a girl is over, it won't work anymore.

Violence by Mark
It's the story of a girl which enters a bar and everybody is turning over and stare at her. This song is a lot more different from our first recordings. It is surely one of the best songs on the album. It starts with these hard drum beats which recals heart beats. It's some sort of mix between drumm& bass and punk rock.

Not Now by Mark
This song was wrote a long time ago, whilst on tour with Tom, it must've been in 2001, quite some time now. It's one of the most straihtforward songs of the album. There's this Hammond B-3 orgue in the choruses which sounds real cool. The orgue's speaker had a really wacky sound so, look forward to this on the choruses.

Here's Your Letter by Mark
It's a song from which I wrote the verses and Tom the choruses and which are from two different songs. I dont know... It really worked! Lyrics are about a letter you're writing to someong in order to tell him/ her it's over, that there's no way it can work anymore.

Go by Mark
Go is a really straight song and is one of my favorite tracks. It deals about domestic violence and it's a really powerful song. The tempo, the agressive guitars make it a real simple song, that you can listen to in a car, it is surely a good tune.

I'm lost withouth you (a.k.a. Afraid) by Tom
It is really complex to describe this song because it starts with loopings and all sorts of electronic ambiances. The first and a half minute, there's nothing but piano with my voice over. And then the song goes in the total opposite way and explodes with 11 different sorts of guitars, big crazy breaks. There are feedbacks, just like Radiohead's and then follows two drumms which play different rythms for 3 or 4 minutes. It is a really romantic song: " Are you afraid of being alone because I am. I'm lost without you" which repeats itself. It is a really trance and hypnotic song, so cool to listen to with headphones. There is no better way to apreciate it than to sit back and take your time in order to understand all these little things we've done for your ears.

Asthenia by Tom
This song starts with the transmission of our conversation when we land on the moon. It's really weird to hear this song talking to houston. There is orgue, you feel like in space. The whole song theme's about these two guys sitting in their spaceship, not bigger than a car, they're looking through the window and see the space, they can see the earth away. The idea is that they can die up there but that it's maybe worst getting back down on earth. "Let me die in space" Asthenia means the loss of all vital conditions.

Always by Tom
This is the song from the whole album which looks the most like blink's. But in the same time it is really different in the way it is really new-wave.We recorded each instrument with the idea of sounding exactly like in the start of the year 80's, just like "The Police" or "The Cars". It deals about separation but it is also the most romantic. The chorus says: "Let me hold you, touch you, feel you, always".

Stocholm Syndrome by Tom
Someone told me "Muse" had a song with the exact title. I don't even know who they are. Maybe I've heard them without knowing it, I'm not a fan. The song's begining is about this letter Mark's Grandfather sent during Worl War 2 to Mark's grandmother. We created this sad music around this letter, it talks about paranoia and death.You learn to live with that fear and it comes to miss you when she's gone.

Easy Target by Tom
Use Your Erection 1& 2 was a joke because we did not have a title for this song. It is a two part song about a pal which created himself an environment in order to protect him from that girl.The second part of Easy target is the song on which we plan on Robert Smith to sing on. It is the same music but played in a totally different way.

Take Off Your Pants And Jacket

I took a quiz and i was Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take the quiz: <a href=""which" >">"which of the guys from blink182 are you most like?(nice pics)"<br><img src="" border="0"></a><br><b>you are mark</b><br>you are really goofy and funny, and are loyal to your significant other and friends. mark rocks, so u must rock too. :)
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