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Simple Plan

There new Album comes out on October 26th!

Pierre Bouvier: Vocals

Jeff Stinco: Lead Guitar

David Desrosiers: Bass/Vocals

Sebastian Lefebvre: Guitars

Chuck Comeau: Drums

Formed: 1995 in Montreal, Canada

In 1997, the band, Reset, released their debut CD,

which became highly regarded as an excellent debut of

any band. However, with the band members being

teenagers and looking forward to furthering school

studies, band member changes came about.

But it was the longing for what the band felt was

most important to them that each member reunited with

Jeff Stinco (formally in a band with Comeau) and

called themselves Simple Plan by 1999.

Determination saw the band playing to big crowds

at such venues as Toronto's Snow Jam and Van's Warped

Tour. A following increased and soon the band saw the

break they needed through a contract with Atlantic

Records and an inclusion on The New Guy soundtrack.

They gained way for their Atlantic debut, No

Helmets, No Pads... Just Balls with feverishly

displaced hardcore punk and harmonic backgrounds. And

despite the album's cheesy album cover, what lied

within was an all out tribute to the hardcore punk and

rock that set in motion nearly 25 years before them.

And despite the band's reputation for not breaking

through any new barriers or making new waves on the

scene, Simple Plan seem to be efficient in their fun in

life even though their songs are filed with the

standard punk angst of being a teenager.



Pierre, Chuck, and Jeff are so hot!